In Defence of Mastery


The spoon that chases the pea around the plate and catches it.
The fingers that tie the laces and button up the coat.
The grind along the ramps at the skatepark.
The made up song about the seaside.
The equal sharing of the money given for sweets.
And selection of sweets to be purchased.
The decision to ask someone how they’re feeling in response to their facial expression.
The shout of ‘offside’ before the linesman waves his flag.
The hopscotch grid,
Landing on one leg.
Holding a pencil and drawing a face.
Sharing a thought.
Swindling another bedtime story.
Laughing at what Tom doesn’t know but Jerry does.
Finding out what isn’t known,
And sharing it with someone else.
Moving the reader who reads your Facebook post.
Making the audience dance.
The journey…..
The milestones along the way;
And the skilful few who can lead and plan for it to happen.