Mouths and tongues that devour the past,
Teeth on edge set to gnaw at the future.
Bound and magnetised
Leaving everlasting tattoos.
Howls that slide down walls
And limp into corners
Dragging the nets that hold them captive.
Caressed by the quicksand as it sucks.



Willingly led to the blackness
Such gradual,
Creeping darkness,
Oppressive and total.
Slipping into the void,
Scratching through a world,
Alien and cruel.
Clawing back to your own.
Release the grip,
You don’t belong here.
Turn towards
Morning light,
Spring after winter,
Immortality of energy.
Marks left by fingers
Should never shatter dreams.
Be satisfied
This war took only prisoners.
Released from
Descending orbits,
Be thrust spinning, into
Sanguine circles.