The Procedure

Suck the venom out through gritted teeth
Use a red hot blade to lever the bullet
Stab the alcohol soaked needle into the blister
Turn the wart white with burning dry ice
Pull the abscessed tooth from the bone
Let the leeches feed on the pus
Lance the boil
Squeeze out the sting
Breathe out long and hard whilst the joint is clicked back into place
Snap the bone again to straighten it
Do it all quickly
Pain will be tremendous
Relief blissful
Healing takes time
Scars add character


At Sea


The ship rolled and banked
Sorrows were drowned
Glided off the horizon
As the mist came down

The abyss of the waters
That swallowed the sound
Of the wails which distraught us
And peace was found

The expanse filled with sirens
Tempting to lead
Across swells and undulations
Where a whirlpool did feed

The channels of madness
Steering without fight
Ballast of pathos; sadness
And the weight of the night

So the dream it returns
Wings over the steel sea
To one who has learned
Of what will never be