Frightened and Demoralized

Showered by the selfish legacy, media brainwashes the masses. 

Eyes roll destitute of vision, bereft of independent decision.

Within the hypocrisy of silence, arrogance stains the soil. 

Whispered visions travel with vapours, dismissed as impossible; idealistic; naive;    

‘Misguided, young heart you are nothing but:

The wrong sex, wrong colour, wrong empathiser.’

 Imperial greed still reigns. 

Wretchedness of past despots are worshipped by the boomers. 

Compassion mocked by powerful elite, amplified in print. 

Humanity destructs inevitably, with a manifestation of exhaustion and apathy. 

The self fulfilling prophecy of weakness can be halted

But we must believe in our strength, in our voice, in unity.

“I think there are two ways in which people are controlled. First of all frighten people and secondly, demoralize them.” Tony Benn

The Fall of Incubus 

His love was real; yet abstract,

Romancing a dream of a future,

That he could not live. 

Reality he could not love

And in blackness he leapt with

A decision,

Dragging him to an absoluteness

That he knew

He did not really want to live. 

A Wish List 

Make each other laugh

A bit too loudly,

Eat noodles and create a mess,

Play iPod roulette,

Eat vanilla ice cream

With black bits in,

Walk by the sea

Not next-to-the-sea,

Climb a hill,

Be in the audience,

Watch each other do their job,

Stand listening,

Investigate whether music

Can make the hairs on our arms stand up,

Stagger home from the pub


Put a tent up in the rain,

Weed the garden shouting chit chat,

Help each other put a rucksack on,

Carry out a joint bargaining strategy

For a wooden statue in a Indian market,

Stand speechless in ancient ruins,

Guide each other home,

Read a story out loud,

Digest the weekend papers

From cover to cover in silence,

Watch the night stars

And the dawn from a boat, mud hut

Or bedroom window;