A Wish List 

Make each other laugh

A bit too loudly,

Eat noodles and create a mess,

Play iPod roulette,

Eat vanilla ice cream

With black bits in,

Walk by the sea

Not next-to-the-sea,

Climb a hill,

Be in the audience,

Watch each other do their job,

Stand listening,

Investigate whether music

Can make the hairs on our arms stand up,

Stagger home from the pub


Put a tent up in the rain,

Weed the garden shouting chit chat,

Help each other put a rucksack on,

Carry out a joint bargaining strategy

For a wooden statue in a Indian market,

Stand speechless in ancient ruins,

Guide each other home,

Read a story out loud,

Digest the weekend papers

From cover to cover in silence,

Watch the night stars

And the dawn from a boat, mud hut

Or bedroom window;



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