Anticipated Eruption


Emotional confusion.

I want you,

I want you, more than ever before.

I love you, denial is half hearted.

Can I have you, hold you, hate you?

Despise is now half hearted.

You love me,

Lead your heart away, from the head

That governs you.

Throw yourself gale force at me.

I’ll stand and adore

The wind that flies my hair and soul,

Awakens my emotions

And blows away any reservations, ever.

I watch you, in your deepest darkness

And I yearn.

I yearn for the climax,

Of all the passion

That has been bred in your body.

I want it to embody me.

I’ve caused it,

Let it happen.

Greedily devour me, satisfy my hunger.

Set free the love that has become

Claustrophobic in your mind;

It tortures you, let it torture me too.

The love we have is both damned and deep;

Let us leap from the ledge,

And drown in it.


Silent Thunder



Lightning flashes, cloud to cloud,

Sparks fly across the spaces.

This charge has served to fuel

Desire and searches for open places.


The deafening sound of silent thunder

Pounding in the air.

Heavenly static, enticing lure,

Rolling shadows, in the glare.


Billowing out, one nudges the other

Mixed air, it shrinks away.

But fingers and thoughts entwining

Grey mists begin to play.


Rolling, turning, merging, leaving,

As two lovers the air caresses.

‘Till consumed with each other’s powers

All tranquility it suppresses.


Energy, more powerful and selfish,

United this storm can proceed.

To tear up unsuspecting nature,

And satisfy its greed.


It will whip around in its frenzy,

Spoiling Mother Nature’s loves.

Rip out the heart of what was stable,

With its powerful, selfish shoves.


And when all are but exhausted,

There will be debris strewn and scattered.

Leaving all breathlessly wondering,

About what really mattered.






Skate Park


In to the gated den.

Gleaming wheels whirl.

I ignore the

breaking voices that shout

“Fuckin hell, tosser..ha ha ha”

Next year’s dudes in floppy woolly hats

fly from ramp to ramp.

Bikes, boards and balls

create missiles…….

Can I do this? Stay the distance?

Without embarrassment?

At the top of the ramp

my heart is pounding

I try to look cool…..


Screeching wood signals

the end of each intrepid ride.

Shaking hands

Sweat on my palms

I can’t bottle out yet!

Shrugging off a graze

Wincing as a boney buttock

hits the deck.

Biting my lip as excitement mounts.

Speed……..triple jumps and grinds

I ride them all out

with an air of outward calm.

My flesh and blood

smash up all over the park…..

Until I can tempt them away

with the bribe of an ice cream.


Dreams shattered
Guilty of 
Loving too much. 
Whilst yours was only reflection;
You never loved my soul. 
In debt because I rescued you 
And rearranged your bones;
Breathed life into your cold winter. 
Mourn the season’s passing, 
As I open my palm
And let the wind blow the dust.